We find the best price for you and your customers, by creating unique deals that optimize the world of inventory. Splitty combines inventory in a seamless way to the passenger, all they get is the attractive price and high availability. 


By combining inventory from multiple sources, Splitty can create inventory where no one else has it. That’s why, when others are showing a hotel as sold out, Splitty’s unique offering can find availability. Helping guest & properties maximize their space. 

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Splitty offers a variety of solutions, see below what’s right for you

Get A Fully Branded Hotel Booking Solution

Give your brand the power of Splitty. Get a fully branded solution up and running in no time, to provide your customers the awesome prices and availability of Splitty.

Choose what you want to offer, configure the right solution for your users.

Full API connectivity

Integrating with our API will provide a better business outcome, with minimum tech requirements.  
Connect to Splitty’s unique inventory directly, worldwide. Benefit from hotel deals that are otherwise not available. 

For your tech team, this will be an easy task with a full flow API, easy integration (~2 weeks for full integration). Configure the API to provide the deals that are right for your customers. Talk to us to learn how you can fully configure the API results.


A Full business travel solution

We know that business travelers need excellent service. We also know that companies are looking to get more out of their budgets. Get your employees better hotels and save on each booking with Splitty.

With Splitty you get full visibility into your bookings and the best hotels at the lowest price.